Thursday, May 5, 2011

10 days home!!!

Right now I am on the same plane I have been on for the last 5 Thursdays heading back home. This time however is a little different I get to stay there for 10 days!! That might not sound like too long.... but this will be the longest I have been home for 15 months. So I am looking very forward to the rest and a somewhat normal life for the next 10 days.

This week in Chicago seemed to go a little quicker than the previous month. Not sure if it is my lunch workouts at the full gym or that the Sun actually decided to visit Chicago this week, but it was a good week at work.

Tomorrow I have my next Lasik follow up appt. The eyes have healed where there is hardly any red left and my vision is amazing.. so expecting a good appt. Also tomorrow is cinco de mayo pub crawl in downtown springfield so me and a friend or two will be enjoying the warm weather and crawling around the pubs.. should be good times.. other weekend plans consist of the gym, rock climbing, golf, and just enjoying the mid 80's weather.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Fun

I had a great weekend full of activity and friends. Friday was gorgeous so made it out to the golf course after work and then went to Springfield and met some friends at Trolleys for some drinks. Sat i slept in and went out to the golf course for a bit. After hitting a few golf balls I headed down to springfield with my climbing shoes and spent a few hours climbing. I then went to one of my old college friends house for a get together to watch the UFC fights. Sunday I played some hoops followed by a great training session at the Y. Now i am cleaning up and packing getting ready for another week in Chicago.
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

O'Hare on time... start of a great weekend

Not much excitement in Chicago this week as normal. I have just been working and hitting the hotel fitness center up in the evenings followed by some NBA playoffs before bed.. this has been my Chicago routine.. needless to say i am in need of some fun!

I am on my way back home to MO right now.. O'Hare decided it did owe me and we were in the air within 15 minutes of the scheduled time .. definitely a win! I am relaxing on the plane letting the sunshine on me from 30000 feet listening to some Pat Green.. first time I have seen the Sun this week, feels like I am back in London. I have just finished my pre workout drink so getting a little pumped and ready to drive to the Y for a full training session. I have been watching training sessions of GSP all week.. that guy is my fitness role model.. have picked up a few things I am ready to implement in the gym.
With the help of my project manager I did find a full gym on the Allstate Campus that I will be able to use starting Monday.. no more hotel fitness center for me!!! Excited to be back home and starting my weekend up.


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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Explore .. Dream.. Discover

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
-Mark Twain

I have trouble reading this quote.. Everytime I do it stirs up something deep inside of me. I have no idea what it is.. but I am hopeful that I will find whatever passion that is boiling inside of me!!..
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Eyes update and April Travels

My eyes keep getting better.. i really can't imagine it possible for them to get any better.. i have never seen things this well in my life. They are still really red and have some healing to do... but no pain at all. I have caught myself 2 times now going to the bathroom on a mission to remove my contacts before i realize i don't have them anymore..

I am back in Chicago today. I did some quick math today and if my flight is on time leaving Ohare airport Thursday (which i am 0 for the last 3 weeks). I will have spent 22 hours at that place this month, 9 hours flying, and 6 hours commuting to the airport. That is 37ish hours I would have rather wasted on something else.. that could be 10 rounds of golf, a few trips to visit friends, some more training sessions at the gym, climbing some rocks , or sleeping!! Oh well .. i guess that is a pointless thing to think about.. but when I am sitting at the airport for a couple hours i guess i have the time to do so.

It rained all weekend so i didn't do much but train, eat, and rest my eyes.. Sat i did drive up to Lake of the Ozarks with a friend. Went to the mall and just checked out the area.. i can see why that is a popular spot and will be visiting more often once lake season arrives.


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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Glasses No More

Friday morning I woke up at 6 and went to the gym for a workout. I was unsure when i was going to get another one in because at 915 i was going to be getting Lasik Surgery. I powered through a training session and ran home to get ready. About 30 min later my ride came and picked me up to go toward the eye dr. I checked in at the dr. and in a few minutes the were leading me back to a prep type room. While here I was able to ask questions, they gave me instructions, followed by eye numbing drops and a vallium. They waited about 15 minutes for the medicine to take effect. I was feeling very relaxed by the time I walked into the Lasik operating room and was greeted by two assistants and the dr. They have already removed my glasses by this time and my eyes were awful 7.5/7.25, which means what I see at 20 feet away a person with 20/20 sees at 750 feet away.. so you with good eyes imagine that 'E' eye chart about 2 football fields away.... that's how clear those letters are to me at 20 feet. Anyway, so needless to say I could not see much walking into the room. I knew there were 3 people and i spotted the chair i was to lay on with the help of one of the assistants. They maneuvered me into position and told me not to move. My right eye was first... they put something on my eye so that it would stay open the whole time and used a drying type cloth everytime my eye watered too much. Then they cut the flap with a Laser .. I went with the newest technology called iLasik ... they call it the HD version of lasik - all is done by a laser .. and the laser has the technology to follow your eye as it moves so it is always hitting the correct spot.. i felt a little pressure as my flap was cut with the laser, much like when you press in on your eyelid with your thumb.. then all went black for a few seconds .. the dr. warned that it would so I wouldn't panic... next came the reshaping of the eye with the laser. The doc said to stair at the red dot for 47 sec and I would hear but not feel the laser.. so for the next 47 seconds I concentrated as hard as i could on that one spot. After that he used a little tool like a squeegy and placed the flap back in its correct spot. Then he moved the machine over my left and we repeated the whole process again. When it was finished they helped me up and had me look at the clock.. things were very foggy but I could already read what time it was on a clock, I wouldn't have even been able to see the clock 5 minutes before. They led me in a post op room where the doc came in and met with me.. he said it couldn't have went better and answered my question of when I would be able to workout again (I may have some issues when this was my only question after having a laser shot in my eye) he told me to recover for the day and i could hit the gym the following day. At this point my eyes became very sensitive to light and i just had to keep them closed. They gave me some very unfashionable eye goggles to wear the rest of that day and night and then the following 4 nights while sleeping to avoid any gouges to the eye that could damage the flap. Also leaving with me were 3 kinds of eyedrops and instructions of when to take them. My friend guided me out to her car and I had to wrap my head in a shirt because even my closed eyes were sensitive to the sun. I could actually feel the flap healing.. it was kind of painful at first and just got less and less painful over the next hour. I was advises to take a nap and relax my eyes as soon as I got home which was no problem because of the Vallium. I made it home and was glad to be in a very dark room and laid down for a nap. I slept for the next 5 hours. When I woke up I had no more pain and I could see!! The rest of the day I spent laying around watching movies and napping. Sat morning I drove to the eye doc for my follow up appt. In the appt my eyes tested at 20/15!! The slight haziness from things far in the distance just keeps improving and was told that is normal over the first couple weeks and will be completly gone within a few weeks. It was a huge success and am excited to throw away the contacts for good!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Postponed.. Just another Thursday

I am sitting at O'Hare... my plane is postponed for the 3rd week in a row here.. airports are one of my least favorite places to be and i have seen them way too much lately. The people that work here are not friendly.. im sure it has to do with all the people that are not friendly to them, but still no excuse. I will make it back to springfield before the AM even if I have to rent a car and drive it.. I have been waiting too long to get lasik not to make my surgery. Doesn't look like i will be making it to the gym tonight. O'Hare needs a fitness center for those people who have delayed flights... that would help my dissatisfaction in this place.

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